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Weekend Reading | March 2016 Edition

I read a lot of things. And I’ve always thought of sharing the best of what I read here on Wingtrip and now I’m finally doing it. Below are a collection of articles I read this past week. I’m not endorsing every opinion, but instead shared them because I found them thought provoking, noteworthy, or simply fun. I plan to make a habit of this. Have a good weekend and enjoy!

An E.O. Wilson essay where he makes some interesting points, and at times, goes a little too far away from how I’d like to see the future of Nature and Humanity combining. Who knows, maybe we need radicalism?

The rebuttal to the above article. I tend to agree with their measured opinions.

A discussion of saving ecosystems, not just individual species. Some crazy stuff going on in Siberia in this one.

I’ve always found the search for animal language fascinating. A new study suggesting syntax from a Japanese bird researcher.

While a bit dense in discussion of management plans, this lays out issues with grazing on Malheur Wildlife Refuge (and why the Bundy’s weren’t the first intruders on the landscape). I’m not anti food production, but I am anti habitat destruction.

Why identification of plants and animals is a vital skill in biologists and not a bottom rung ability. I couldn’t agree more with this one.

And finally some light-hearted stuff about an old man and a penguin. 

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