We are a collective of friends, scientists, artists, writers, and concerned citizens exploring the natural world.  Wingtrip stands for much but mainly encompasses passion for exploration of the world around us.  Not only do we thirst for travel and adventure, but we seek to help enlighten others through our words and images.  We’ve only got one planet – our goal is to  inspire our readers and by sharing our adventures, thoughts, and creative outputs.  This is done not only through focusing on nature only but also highlighting human involvement and social changes happening and necessary for a better world.  If we don’t care of ourselves how can we take care of anything else? And besides, humans are not separate from nature.

A note about content here: Ideas change and thoughts flow. As a result, there is an evolution of ideas and content on Wingtrip. We purposefully choose to not remove content that may or may not represent our current thinking. Pretending that we’ve always thought one way about the world is pointless. So, if you read confounding content, or even tired ideas in older (or newer) posts, take this with a grain of salt. Ideas may change. Or not! Ask questions if you are curious. We like dialogue.


It doesn’t hurt to have some fun along the way as well! Hope is important and while there is a lot to feel dreary about, there’s also much to celebrate. Not mindlessly, but thoughtfully.

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Brendan McGarry, Editor, Main Contributor, and Curator

A graduate of the  Evergreen State College with a B.S. in Zoology and Animal Behavior, Brendan is a lifelong birder and artist. He is currently working toward a Master’s in Environmental Education at Western Washington University. Wingtrip is his brainchild. A naturalist guide and author, Brendan contributes to various websites, and teaches about birds, nature, and photography. When he isn’t doing the above, he’s likely baking bread, drawing, or reading a good book.  Check out his photos here and on Instagram @wingtrip.

Simone Lupson-Cook, Contributor

260039_2169660445508_3102256_nSimone likes birds. And plants.  And just about anything revolving around the natural world.  After graduating from the Evergreen State College she has chosen a path that involves falconry, field work, and going crazy in her house in Seattle which happens to be full of parrots, hawks, dogs, grandmothers, and whatever animals she is rehabbing.  They call it the nut house but that nut is going to sprout into something quite incredible.  Simone is a master falconer, a passion that has taken her on many a crazy adventure.


  1. Really nice blog guys – well-written, great photos, and a message I can really relate to: conservation and fun! I’ve bookmarked you and look forward to coming back regularly. Cheers. Charlie.

  2. Ryan

    Site looks pretty good, I feel sheepish for only discovering it now. Looks like you might want to update your “crew”, as a proper crew would include more than just you Brendan! Hope you really can write and photograph your way around the world as that would be a wonderful place to live.

  3. chris

    Simone you are incredible. Your adventures with Wingtrip are wonderful. Get out there and do the work we all wish we could be doing. Let me express the gratitude of all the wildlife, that there are people like you. Great blog and really great pictures. I love it. from chris at Sarvey.

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