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Photoblast #6: Imagination and Nature

I tend to subscribe to the notion that modern Western society likes to ignore our necessity for the natural world.  Frontier living especially, put our predecessors literally at odds with, striving against an ecosystem that hadn’t developed to support them.  So there is certainly no wonder in why many have moved away from wild places , our mentality is to avoid them or hold them as peculiarities, as novelties.  But I also know that practically everyone knows the value of a sunny day, the breeze off the water, or watching a captivating animal, even their pets.  These things relax us and enliven our imagination.  In my art, photography, and writing I try to embody that fundamental importance.

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I am a natural history writer and photographer, obsessed birder, naturalist, and artist. When I'm not learning by reading, drawing, painting, taking photos, or being outside, I am probably asleep.

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