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Photoblast #5: New World Water

One of my favorite musicians, Mos Def, wrote a song about it (give it a listen).  Water is a basic necessity yet we seem to have a damned hard time keeping it clean and healthy.  Everyone needs it and recently there’s been a discussion of peak water.  One of the local radio stations in Seattle had water expert Peter Glieck on this morning discussing the bottling industry and public water and his new book “Bottled & Sold.” The National Geographic News Watch Blog ran an article earlier this month (in cohesion with a recent issue dedicated to the wonder molecule) about passing the point of cheap, easily accessible water for the world. (if you are at all tuned into international news you could probably have guessed this).  Something so simple shouldn’t become a financial burden yet there’s a distinct chance it will, even in more developed nations.  Although Wingtrip is about nature, people are integral and this isn’t a plea for other species, but for us as well.

Enjoy that water.  Relish it like this Great-tailed Grackle.  This water stuff, we live to it.

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