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Gulf Aid and the American Birding Association’s Gulf Coast Oil Spill Blog

As the spill continues, I still find beauty in the unity disaster brings.  People make connections, whether to their reliance on a healthy environment or to people they might not have encountered.  Artistic expression can be just as valuable and motivating as an article or news blurb.  Check out this live performance by a favorite artist of mine Mos Def, teaming up with Lenny Kravitz and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band to perform a song he came up with “It Ain’t My Fault.”  Mos and other musicians were recently in New Orleans to play benefit shows for Gulf Aid.

Our friend Drew Wheelan, is also currently down in Louisiana blogging for the American Birding Association.  For a first hand accounts of what’s happening down there, please check out his well written entries at Gulf Coast Oil Spill Blog.  I can’t imagine being on the gulf right now is easy, Drew mentions that “there is a frenetic energy around, as if there’s a hurricane just offshore.”

Both the American Birding Association  and the Gulf Aid have links to donate on their pages.  As much as I believe we shouldn’t have to pay for any of this, it’s a show of support and these two organizations will do the right thing with your money.  Until this  happens, BP probably won’t be accountable for much beyond beginning to clean up.  Keep in tune for my two bits on the whole thing.

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