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Photographic Hindsight: The Photo Blast

In attempt to bring more content, I’ve decided to start doing photo blasts on a regular basis.  The general idea is to find a pretty picture that me or one of the contributors of Wingtrip have taken and say a few words about it.  Simple as that!

This picture was taken at the Hart Mountain National Antelope Wildlife Refuge.  Every year my ornithology professor and good friend Steve Herman takes a group of students out to Hart to band birds and enjoy the high desert.  These two Dusky Flycatchers fledged probably a day before the shot.  Someone found the nest and we were able to watch them grow in the Aspens over the course of a week.  It’s pretty insane to think these birds are probably a month away from  flying to Mexico!  A nice stretch of the bill ought to feel good!

Learn more about Dusky Flycatchers on Birdweb, Seattle Audubon’s free online database of Washington bird species.

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