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Wingtrip goes to Mexico

This may be the last you hear from me.  There’s a distinct chance I’ll drift away into el sierra madre and never come back.  Hopefully of my own free will.

Being a less roundabout, I’m headed to Mexico today.  Well I’m headed to Arizona and then crossing the border tomorrow.  Then it is to the far Southern edge of Sonora.  To Alamos for the Tropical Dry Forest (TDF) and to the coast to visit Navopatia the field station run by friends of mine on the Agiabampo estuary.  And finally it’s up into the Barranca del Cobre – Copper Canyon for high mountains and deep canyons that best the Grand Canyon.

I don’t think  I’ll have any chances to update while I am gone.  Internet Access isn’t too hard to come by, but it’s not worthwhile to spend time on blogging when I only have two weeks.  I’ll benefit from ignoring the computer for a bit and so will readers when my reflections surface.

So – wish me luck and I’ll return with words, photos, and hopefully some video of the magical land of Mexico.  Cheers!

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